Pizza in a Pinch a Desperate Dinner Not Ready for A Romance Renaissance but Tasty Nonetheless

by deborah on January 23, 2012

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Now, I know it’s not exactly a dinner worthy of being noted on a blog called  ”A Romance Renaissance” but it tasted pretty good nonetheless.  And besides, sometimes one wants to focus on other activities besides cooking.  Such was the case tonight.  So wrapped up in a bunch of other things, including settling back in from a trip to London, I had neglected stocking the pantry.  

What to do with an overabundance of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls before they start to get old? Well, start using it for other things -- like Pizza Crust in a Pinch!

Just a few things – including an overabundance of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls left over from a Christmas stock-up spree at Costco – were all that was left in my house. But, I made the best of it … and it was pretty tasty nonetheless!  

 If you have other ideas about what to do with Crescent Rolls please share!     

Some reduced fat Sargento cheese, Harris Teeter frozen spinach and jarred olives, canned Del Monte tomatoes, and a jar of Shitake mushrooms was all that this Mother Hubbard had in her cupboard tonight!

I just rolled out the Crescent Rolls like pizza dough! I made sure the perforations were smashed together so there were no holes for the goodies to seep through onto the parchment paper, however. (I love parchment paper - one of mankind's greater inventions...) Then, I layered on a little oil, canned tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, dispersed the spinach on the top with a few of the olives and mushrooms, then layered on the cheese. I also used some salt, garlic powder and oregano to season. I always have spices hanging around no matter what! Popped it in the oven at 375 degrees and took it out when it looked done. Voila! Pizza dinner in a Pinch!

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