Our Own Store

     Welcome to our Shop!  Here you’ll find a wide array of items some of which are handmade locally here in rural Virginia; others that were sourced overseas.  We very much believe in the preciousness of items that are made individually, one by one, with the little differences that make each piece a unique work of art.  And, we very much advocate supporting local efforts – from artists crafting decorative and functional items, to produce and other farm products. There’s just something magical about biting into a slice of homemade bread smothered in blueberry jam from the farmer down the road and then snuggling into a one-of-a-kind handmade quilt…!

     And yet, it’s been hard to ignore the many specially-crafted gems we’ve found on our travels around the world. A tiny fabric shop tucked away down a back street in Tokyo, a babushka selling her hand-painted boxes next to an ancient monastery outside Moscow, a Swarovski-studded brooch discovered from a vendor on Portobello Road in London – all of these have called to me to bring them home. What do these treasures of far-flung travels have in common with a handmade purse or jacket from Virginia’s horse country?  I’ll tell you; it’s Romance.  They essential thing they all have in common is that they bring back a bit of Romance to daily living.  And, with our high-tech, fast-paced world, we can ALL certainly enjoy a bit of  stop-and-smell-the-roses-romance, now can’t we?  
Deborah Deal Blackwell



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