Christmas Decorations at Home

by deborah on January 4, 2014

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I can’t believe its all over!  The holidays I mean!  

Photo of the Christmas tree and fireplace in my living room 2011

I did not go "all out" this year with Christmas decorations. Instead I just focused on the living and dining room.





Hey, even though I scaled back quite a bit this year because the whole family, including me, went to Colorado for the week that encompassed Christmas, I still put some effort into the decor of the house.

Closeup of bouquet over fireplace

The "star" piece on the mantel this year was just a simple arrangement of white and dark pink poinsettias with light pink roses and some burgundy accents.

Big sigh … Now, it must all come down!  

Another closeup of mantle centerpiece.

I used a few poinsettia flowers that had glitter on them just to give the arrangement a conservative amount of sparkle - not too gaudy, I think!

Such a shame because its so romantic and pretty, and lends such a soft and festive air – especially to the living and dining room.  This year I really played up the PINK, burgundy and white.




With my Victorian-style ornaments that I have collected over the years, it was an aesthetic treat for me. I really enjoyed seeing it all every day.

But now it’s time to carefully pack it away.  (Secretly, I wish I could do like my Aunt Betty used to, and cover the tree with a sheet and stick it behind a decorative screen in a corner of the living room.  Unfortunately, there isn’t room here.) Hopefully, I’ll stick to my resolution to wrap and file it so its easier to find next year.  Ha!  We’ll see …

                              Sleep peacefully Christmas decorations!  See you again after Thanksgiving!

Mother collected 12 doll head ornaments designed by Marie Osmond. They continue to go on the tree in the house every Christmas …

The “White House” Christmas ornaments go perfectly with with a romantic-themed tree. This one of the first wedding in the White House is my favorite.

Another of my favorite ornaments ...
Another of my favorite ornaments …

At my house, Santa drives a fancy car!
At my house, Santa drives a fancy car!

Lady dressed up in fur coat

And the ladies are always dressed to the nines!

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Diane King January 4, 2012 at 7:48 PM

I love the photos of the Christmas decorations. The doll ornaments are fantastic! I don’t think I saw them last year. My pink flamingoes really didn’t belong with all those elegant Victorian delights. They are so happy with my fish in heels. Thanks for sending them to me!

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