Princess Anastasia Deal – thank you for all your love

by deborah on August 30, 2012

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A great dog and wonderful friend passed away this morning – August 30, 2012.  Anastasia Deal (the full-blooded Siberian Husky on my left here) was 14.5 years old.  She was born in Casadega, Florida – which is a famous spiritual retreat. There was something magical about her from the start.  She wasn’t just a dog – she was a contributor to life at home and work.

Deb Deal-Blackwell with Anastasia the Husky, and Gracie the Yorkie-Poo


Her father was a Siberian I tracked down and rescued right off the streets of south Orlando.  I gave her Dad – we named him “Chase” because I had to chase him down to save him – to a friend.  The friend put Chase with HER sister’s Husky and I got the pick of the litter, which was Anastasia.  Anastasia drove all the way across country with me in the move from Orlando to Seattle back at the turn of the century.  The trip took 7 days.  She was a trooper and very well behaved, watching every mile go by from her spot in the truck.

She was very “interested” in everything and everyone.  She used to go to work with me at Angel Flight Southeast and would personally greet and oversee all the volunteers that came in.  I remember one time at Angel Flight a group of us were talking in a circle in the lobby and when there was a lull in the conversation for just one second, Anastasia burst into the circle and started “talking” to all of us.  She wanted us to all know her opinion of the situation.  Of course, we couldn’t understand her “wooo woooo woooos” but everyone agreed with her and patted her on the head for her input.

She was known for her beautiful blue eyes ... people would stop us on the street and ask if she was a wolf or a dog. I said a wolf on the inside, a dog on the outside and a best friend throughout.

She was very much a “watcher” – she loved to go to the windows and look out.  When outside, she could stand and just stare down the street taking in everything that was going on.  But, she used her nose as much as her eyes.  That nose was always sticking into something – grocery bags, my briefcase, my purse, the grass … she loved sniffing the grass.  It was as if she was “reading the newspaper” and interpreting everything that had happened in that patch of grass over time immortal.  She was around and watched over both Mom and Dad when they were sick before they died.  She has just always been there – ever watchful, always “supervising” the events of the day.  I do believe she’s still watching over me now … rest in peace my furry girl.  You will always be loved and I miss you so already!



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