A very nice Valentine’s Weekend

by deborah on February 12, 2012

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Sometimes the best Valentine’s weekends are those you spend close to home!  My weekend with my friend included escaping the cold on Saturday night to stay home and watch movies, play with the dogs and eat pizza and other goodies like these lovely bakery treats here.                               I think these cupcakes are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen … and they are certainly the most beautiful I have ever eaten!  They came from Harris Teeter … I can hold my own in a lot of “crafty” areas, but a cake decorator … I am NOT. 

Al Jarreau and the Air Force band, the "Airmen of Note" gave a great jazz performance at the Daughters of the American Revolution's Constitution Hall. Here, the Air Force color guard opens the concert ...

Sunday, even though it was still cold, we went into downtown D.C. for a concert put on by the Air Force jazz band (with strings) featuring Al Jarreau.   Al was great … he plays those vocal cords like an instrument.  He has made some great music over the years — some of his recordings are on my “short” favorites list. 

Friend Len braved the cold with me to see Al Jarreau.



Not too many people out on the National Mall in downtown D.C.











Cold, but still lots of pretty sights in downtown D.C. the weekend before Valentine's Day.


Nice light and pretty skies for taking photos in downtown D.C. this weekend ...

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