Loudoun County’s Gum Spring Library celebrated with 3rd Annual Family Fun Walk

by deborah on April 24, 2012

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        On Saturday, April 21, our 3rd annual Family Fun Walk for the new Gum Spring Library gave everyone something extra to celebrate this year – the library is ACTUALLY, FINALLY, BUILT.  Hooray!
       Karen Montgomery, president of the FROGS (Friends of the Gum Spring Library)has been dreaming about, cajoling and working hard for over ten years to get it built and now its here!  
Gum Spring Library on April 21, 2012

The long-awaited Gum Spring Library is finally built and the interior is being finished.

       The Van Metre development company, which built many of the homes closest to the site of the library, built the gorgeous four-story building and has set aside the first two floors – 40,000 square feet – for Loudoun County to house its newest book and media collection.
       Scheduled to open (hopefully) before Christmas 2012, the Gum Spring library should be the most striking of the 8 libraries in Loudoun County.   A big open staircase is right in the center and lends a certain “Wow!” factor. Cozy nooks by the bay windows provide an escape into the user’s tome or a view of the lush Loudoun countryside.
Owls dance with excitement.

There's dancing on the lawns (and at the Family Fun Walk) because folks are so excited about the new Gum Spring Library!

       The Gum Spring Library features not only a section with adult-age books but three separate sections for children as well.  There is a special section for the youngest children, a section for “tweens” and a section for teens.  Each section is designed especially to accommodate their reading interests, physical size (with appropriate furniture) and noise level – thus making sure every library user has a place that’s perfect for them!  In addition, there is a “Quiet Cafe” where you can take a book and enjoy a beverage, and meeting and class rooms of various sizes.  
One of Loudoun's happy library fans.

One of Loudoun's many happy library fans.

       Even though it’s not open yet – the interior is still being built out, furniture purchased, shelves stocked, etc. – most everyone in Loudoun County is excited to see at least the exterior is finished.  Loudoun is growing FAST!  in the year 2000 the census revealed we had 169,599 people living here.  In just ten years, that number almost doubled!  The 2010 census accounted for 312,311 folks.  As the county with the
number one median household income income in the entire U.S.($119,540 in 2010), Loudoun’s residents are undoubtedly industrious, hardworking and dedicated to making a good life for themselves and their children. And, reading is a key essential of that lifestyle.  It’s important to Loudoun’s families that their children get a solid education and so, of course, as they say – Reading is FUNdamental!  Come by and see the beautiful new Gum Spring Library at the intersection of Route 50 and Stone Springs Boulevard.
Want to help?  Or just learn more?  Visit the FROGS – Friends of the Gum Spring Library website at: http://gumspringlibrary.blogspot.com/
To learn more about the Loudoun County Library system, visit:  http://library.loudoun.gov/ 
See our companion post about the event!
(Note:  This is a private blog. Of course, the comments herein are those of Deborah Deal’s and do not reflect or represent any other member of the Friends of the Gum Spring Library or the Loudoun County library system.) 
The face painting artist did an excellent job.

The face painting artist did an excellent job.


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