Whole Grain “Cream of Wheat” – Mom would be happy …

by deborah on October 26, 2011

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I took the time to look over the cereal shelves really well this time and look what I found ...!

So, I’m checking out the cereal shelves in my Harris Teeter grocery store tonight after a meeting of the “Friends of the Gum Spring Library” (aka the FROGS) and look what I found …! The fact that I bought it, would make Mom proud — it’s CREAM of WHEAT! Just like Mom used to make for us.

Same maker and everything …

The fact that I ate some should make Michael Pollan, author of “In Defense of Food” happy too. Why? It’s WHOLE GRAIN. In his book, Mike goes into some interesting detail about why we shouldn’t be eating crappy refined, bleached, adulterated, not-good-for-you grain products. He really believes we miss a whole bunch of inter-related nutrients if we don’t eat Whole Grain.

I know I always felt better throughout the morning when I had HOT cereal for breakfast. Sure the sugary cold cereals taste good going down, but they soon evaporate. They certainly don’t stick with you long. I feel sorry for the little kids that don’t get a good breakfast before dashing out the door to school.

What does this “new” Cream of Wheat taste like?

Well … kind of “wheaty” but in a good way. It doesn’t have a real strong taste to it, but then regular Cream of Wheat never did either. You can buy microwave packets of the regular Cream of Wheat in the grocery store and those come in “flavors.” But the objective with trying the WHOLE GRAIN Cream of Wheat is that its WHOLE GRAIN without a whole laundry list of chemicals in it. Much of the packaged “food” we buy on the shelves today doesn’t even qualify as FOOD anymore, it’s a mix of artificial chemicals. No wonder our kids have autism, ADD, allergies and more. (By the way, if you have an allergy to wheat, obviously, don’t buy the product I’m discussing here.) In the U.S. at least, we’ve been feeding them a Frankensteinian brew of chemicals.

So, it doesn’t have a whole lot of taste. Neither did oatmeal in my opinion. But we added stuff (hopefully natural) to it and we ate it. Why? Because its good for us. In addition to being warm and cozy and filling, it has 50% of the recommended daily value of iron, 20% of folic acid, 30% calcium and more.

I think i’ll finish the box for sure and go back for more. If you have ideas on what to add to it to make it taste more “exciting” please share a comment.

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Diane King November 23, 2011 at 6:09 PM

Grandma put milk, sugar and butter on top. If I recall correctly, I hated every bite of it. I guess you could put some cinnamon or nutmeg on it to make it taste better, but I seriously doubt if it would help. Cousin D


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